Guess whos back, Envy is back.

I apologize, I have been gone for a few months.

Sense we have last talked… Shit has really been.. Different.

First off I dropped out of school (Last day junior year). And then I did a strange thing, I went down a path of self hate, self harm, and drug use (which is not strange for me, but the fact that I didn’t register what I was doing to myself was out of the norm). I did some things that honestly I should have never done… but we live and we learn?

But along with some very destructive things.. I did some great things. I “loved” (I say it like that because I am pretty sure that it was bullshit)
, I rode, I met new people, and I got the fuck out of my moms house.


this picture is so important.
Undies man
"This is what I am. I have periods of enormous self-destructive depression, where I go completely off my trolley and lose all sight of reality and reason."
Siobhan Fahey (via madmothmiko)

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feel u


i hate you and if this was 1692 salem i would accuse you of being a witch 

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I will seriously always reblog this gif. Because it’s the most real GIF I’ve ever seen.I just can’t help but find all the beauty in it. It’s so amazing. I can’t explain.




I just wanna cuddle, make out. watch netflix and maybe totally have rough sex

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Got my nipple done today, other one on Tuesday! YAY
Thanks for sharing with us lovely :)

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